muse um

'' from waste to experimental couture ''

Muse um represents the endless search of the artistic perspective, through the experimental forms created in the material. It is the place where the muses can be found as well as lost, the creation becoming only an ephemeral memory.

How can the garment be used for creating new connections with our inner self or the external world? Though shape, material, contour, pattern between genders, typologies, cultures.

As well as the muse can’t be contained of divided in a norm the concept is encouraging all types of gender expression. Like this museum is leaving room for each person to have an individual and diverse point of view of what a muse meaning is.

Sustainability and ethics are present in each stage of the creation process. The items are manufactured in our small atelier with only deadstock or recycled vegan fabrics. Each glass bead is sewn gently by hand, this process requiring a considerable about of hours. Because of the limited amount of material available, each piece gains a unique aspect. The perfect imperfections of the items represent the searches of material through the artisans’ hands.

Muse um tries to create timeless objects that are not under the fashion or trends influence, an integral piece that can be worn, respected and repaired. We support a long-lasting life for our items, offering repairs of any deteriorations.

Like this we do not only want you to fall in love with our objects but we hope you can also (re)fall in love again.

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